We started playing around 7:30. This was the fourth Summerhearth session.

People in attendance Edit

What Happened Edit

  • Yuka carted his dead/unconscious teammates back to Haverton in the carriage
    • While they were laying out, he had to go back and get the rented horses, but that took a while and the stableboy refused to give a refund
  • Doc Priest says there is a way to resurrect someone, but only one person, and he needs a magical amulet to do so
    • It's buried in a magical tomb but he can open up a portal to the tomb and even have Quelenna's ghost in there to help!
    • The Blood Amulet is protected by Sir Keegan's ghost who was badass and has his elite guards spirits w/ him
    • It's gonna take a couple hours to open the portal
    • "There's also the souls and bodies of dead tomb robbers but they should be a piece of cake"
    • All he needs is the Amulet though, dash n grab!
  • So while Doc Priest is opening the portal, Yuka and Kithri see a glowing pillar of light descend upon them
  • Out pops a Deva warpriest calling himself Vered, a servant of Bahamut, sent to investigate the death of Theren
  • Shortly after that, there is a loud *thud* sound near the fountain
    • It's Barfa! She's been shot out of a cannon after "having her way with" everyone in the slavepit
  • Doc Priest tells everyone the portal's ready

Search for the Blood Amulet Edit

  • It's a dark and spooky catacomb deep inside a cave
  • Quelenna's ghost--present in this encounter, but insubstantial due to the power of the Blood Amulet--senses that there is going to be some sort of ambush, then the party is ambush!
  • So many bad guys! But the party beats 6x Decrepit Skeletons, 5x Wisp Wraiths, a Tainted Zombie and a Botched Witherling back to death
  • Then they loot the skeletons and sarcophagi (see the Rewards section below)
  • The big wooden door is almost too strong to open, but Kithri was able to simply flick it and it opened
  • A bridge! Barfa wants to weight-test it, so she grabs 500lbs of rocks and tosses it over the bridge
    • The bridge falls out, but the ropes on either side hold
  • A few checks later and everyone is across
  • Now there are some big stone doors guarding the way to the room where the Blood Amulet is along with Sir Keegan and his friends
  • The plan is this:
    • Kithri will grab the amulet then Vered will teleport her to the exit
    • Quelenna sets up to make a distraction with her ghost sounds
    • Yuka and Barfa are at the doors, prepped to slam them shut once their comrades come through
  • It went like this:
    • The grab-n-teleport worked as planned
    • After the amulet was removed from its resting place, Sir Keegan and his 4 guards emerge from their bas-relief tombs on the wall
    • The distraction doesn't work
    • The attempt to close the doors is unsuccessful, so everyone bolts for the bridge
    • Everyone but Quelenna is stuck in the middle of the bridge as Sir Keegan+ begin to assault the party
    • No one KO's though, and they all make ti back to the portal

Back in Town Edit

  • Doc Priest says the ritual will take 8 hours, so the party goes to bed then hits up the town for info
  • When Kithri goes with Vered to the bartender to check on Raiko and Kairo in the basementm the bartender says he has no idea what they're talking about
    • Kithri gets pissed, vows to murder the bartender
      • Barfa vows to rape the bartender's corpse
  • The Sheriff is rather unforthcoming with information and cold to Yuka, all but demanding that the party pay for Theren's debts
  • Obviously something is amiss
    • The party assumes there's some serious spy shit going on
  • After a vote, the party--including a newly-resurrected Quelenna, hop in the camel carriage and ride toward the Spire

Goblins! Edit

  • The party sees a bunch of tents near the base of the Spire with a bonfire
  • Quelenna tries to stealth-teleport to check it out, see if it's full of friendlies or foes
  • Turns out foes, they jump the wizard
  • The rest of the party comes crashing in to her rescue, trying to fend off 2x Goblin Skullcrushers, a Hobgoblin Archer, and a Goblin Hexer
  • Things get pretty tense as a couple people get KO'd, but the party prevails
  • There's a lake to the left with a forest further that way, and a large pike fence between the party and the Spire
  • Oh, and another goblin camp directly in front of the Spire's entrance
  • This time there's a Goblin Underboss along with a Hobgoblin Archer and a Goblin Hexer
  • The underboss is pretty tough, especially when flanked by a couple of ranged guys
  • Nevertheless the party prevails again and is now at the base of the Spire

Rewards Edit

In addition to Quelenna's resurrection, the party also scavenged a longsword, some leather armor, 50gp, 20 arrows, a longbow, and a set of chainmail. They also gained enough XP to move up to level 2!

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