Flamebane BombLevel 3 Uncommon

This crystal cylinder of blue liquid quells flame when it explodes against a surface.

Lvl 3, 30gp

Alchemical Item: VolatileFormula Cost: 160 gp
Key Skill: Arcana or ThieveryTime: Standard

Power X Consumable (Standard Action)

Effect: Blue liquid spreads in an area burst 1 within 10 and causes the following effects:

X Creatures in the area that are taking ongoing fire damage can make a saving throw with a +2 bonus against the effect.

X Natural fires in the area are extinguished.

X You make an attack against any creature with a fire aura in the area: +6 vs. Reflex; on a hit, the target's fire aura is deactivated and can't be reactivated until the end of the targets next turn.

X You make an attack against any fire zone in the area: +6 vs. the Reflex of the creator of the zone; on a hit, the zone is destroyed, and its effect ends, including any effect that normally lasts until a target saves.

Published in Dragon Magazine 381, page(s) 90.

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