Guardian Commander
Large natural animate (construct)
Level 2 Controller (Leader) XP 125

Initiative +6        Senses Perception +6; darkvision
Repair Damage X Aura 2 allied constructs that start their turn within the guardian commander’s aura heal 2 hit points.
HP 39; Bloodied 19
AC 16; Fortitude 15, Reflex 16, Will 15
Immune disease, poison
Speed 6

S2 Slam (standard, at-will)

Reach 2; +7 vs AC; 1d10+2 damage.

Z3a Force Bolt (standard, at-will) X Force

Ranged 10; +6 vs Reflex; 1d6+3 damage plus 1d6 force damage.

Z1a Guardian Tactics (move, recharge 6a)

Close burst 5; Choose up to 3 allies in burst and slide each of those allies up to 3 squares each.

Z1a Guardian Onslaught (standard, encounter)

Close burst 5; Choose up to 3 allies in burst. Each of those allies immediately makes a melee basic attack

Self-Repair (minor; encounter) X Healing

The guardian commander heals 9 hit points.

Alignment Unaligned        Languages -
Str 13 (+2)      Dex 15 (+3)      Wis 12 (+2)
Con 15 (+3)      Int 17 (+4)      Cha 10 (+1)

Published in RPGA Sense of Wonder.

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