Stats Edit

6yrs old, human thief girl & boy

16 HP, 12 AC 12 FORT 12 REF 12 WILL

Can slide 2 squares, trained in sneak, acrobatics

Basic melee: bone dagger; +2 v AC; 1d4 + 4

Like the party well enough, can get them to run recon, sneak around, steal from the guards, etc

Events Edit

Started off in the same slavepit cell as the party. Took an immediate shining to Kithri, and the party tasked them to steal a few things, such as spoons (for digging) and axes.

Came to Kithri's rescue during the escape, delivering potions of healing to the unconscious. They also both escaped with the party.

Upon arriving to Haverton, they were entrusted to the care of a bartender while the party tried to solve the mystery of the missing children. However, when the adventurers returned to the town, the children were gone! Their current whereabouts are unknown.

Update Edit

Raido and Kairo were found to be amongst the murdered children that had been stashed in a mysterious, floating room within the Spire. Despite the group's attempt to save the children by defeating Shakuz Teedra, the children had been murdered before they could be rescued. It is quite possible that Barfa wears the remains of those children around her neck to this day.

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